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Have you ever been asked “Do you know someone who’s been touched by cancer?” Inevitably all hands will rise. Cancer has touched our children, our siblings, our spouses, our parents, our friends and our co-workers. Taylor N Castro was all of those things and more. She worked along side us everyday, fighting for patients with us, until the day that cancer came for her, too.

Diagnosed with leukemia, Taylor made her fight her message to the world. Her need for blood and platelets as she underwent chemo became her fight to find blood donors for all patients needing blood. As a biracial patient, she struggled to find a marrow donor which became her fight to educate others about the need for more minorities to sign up for the national marrow donor registry, Be The Match.

Taylor inspired us as she suffered, lifted us as she declined. She believed in our mission to save lives up til the very end. And we believe in her legacy, her spirit and her message to the world: Never give up. Never lose faith. Never stop believing in the power of a caring heart.

Taylor asked us to continue to encourage our community to give blood and sign up for Be The Match, so that’s what we’re going to do. Her presence was a gift. And we will continue to share her story so that everyone may continue to be inspired by her.

Our friend leaves behind a big wake of love and support from her parents, her husband, their 3 little ones, their family and our BBG family, too. Taylor will always be our beloved and we are honored to carry on her legacy.


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